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Along with rentals and sales of new golf carts, Juno Beach Golf Cart is also in the business of selling various types of used golf carts. Most of our used carts are in our main Riviera Beach location, but we do carry a couple in both our Fort Lauderdale and Miami stores.

Our used carts come from a variety of brands, most commonly EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, and are carefully inspected and maintained before being priced and put up for sale. Our used carts come from customers just like you – if you are interested in selling your cart to us, use our contact form to get in touch.

Many of our used golf carts are refurbished EZGO carts, meaning that the company from where we bought them has performed upgrades inside and out on an older model. Some of the refurbished EZGO carts in the bottom gallery have been upgraded with a new controller, allowing them to reach a speed of approximately 24mph. All tires are new; when it is a lifted cart, for example, the cart receives a set of brand new, high quality 23 inch tires with 14 inch alloy rims. Other new accessories include new seats, a new flip windshield, a new lift kit (when applicable), and new LED front and rear lights.

A lot of our used Club Car carts for sale have received a speed upgrade from the previous owner – while Club Car carts could previously only maintain a speed of around 15 to 18 mph, we have several with speed upgrades that enable them to travel approximately 22mph. We also have a variety of utility carts available, often times either Club Car or Yamaha. In the gallery at the bottom of the page, you will see some of the utility carts that we’ve had – most of the time, they have the regular box-shaped utility bed, but we have had some less common flatbed style carts.

Below is a gallery of some of our fleet of used golf carts, all in good condition.

Note: At the time of writing, some of these carts have been sold, while some may still be available. Prices are included on all carts to give a general idea of factors that affect a used cart’s price, such as year and condition. For any questions about used carts, use our contact form here to send us a message. Not all carts below are street legal; only ones specified are. All carts are electric unless otherwise specified.

Golf Cart Financing | Juno Beach Golf Cart Financing | Easy Cart Financing

Along with our main company, Prime Golf Cars, Juno Beach Golf Cart and all of our golf cart rental locations also offer golf cart sales along with rentals. With these sales, we also offer the option of golf cart financing, where you can apply for a loan that you can pay back in installments over the course of a number of months. While we have always offered this option, we’re pleased to announce that we have now made it even easier to access by adding a link to our golf cart financing directly under the sales tab in the menu (or, you can use this link to be taken directly to the application).

Variables that affect the amount for the monthly payments include factors such as the price of the golf cart, credit history, and the length of the loan.

Some of the golf carts we have for sale include the following:

Advanced EV

Our most popular golf cart that we use for rentals is the Advanced EV, the 6 passenger lifted cart being the most sought-after by customers. 4 and 6 passenger models, both lifted and nonlifted, can be registered as low speed vehicles (LSVs), and licensed for street use on public roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. The standard Advanced EV golf cart can be upgraded with a multitude of accessories that we also carry in our Advanced EV site store, including but not limited to side nerf bars for easy entry and exit, front and upper LED bars for bright visibility at night, and easy-to-install lithium batteries that come with a wide range of benefits over the standard lead-acid batteries.


Right now, Evolution golf carts are the best in the industry when it comes to a reliable, affordable golf cart that already comes fully loaded with a multitude of accessories that can be installed for an additional price on other models. Each vehicle already comes with a 17-digit VIN number, allowing them to be certified for street legality as well. Accessories that come standard to the Evolution include custom color matched two-tone seats, color matched 14 inch wheels, a backup camera with a 9 inch color touch screen display, and a high capacity lithium battery capable of travelling approximately 80 to 100 miles on a single charge! They also have 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and a lifetime warranty on their chassis. We carry 4 and 6 passenger lifted and nonlifted models.

Bintelli Beyond

We recently began carrying Bintelli Beyond golf carts, 4 and 6 passenger lifted and nonlifted carts, which also come fully loaded with many accessories like the Evolution golf carts. Built from an aluminum frame with aluminum roof supports, Bintelli Beyond golf carts can reach speeds of about 20-25 mph, and also have their own 17-digit VIN number and capability for street legal registration. Accessories on the cart include but are not limited to: a Bluetooth sound system, a backup camera, dual USB plugs, an onboard smart charger, premium color matched two-toned seats, and bright LED lighting.

On a single charge, a Bintelli Beyond cart can travel approximately 30 to 35 miles, and also have the option of upgrading to a longer range for an additional price.

America EV

America EV is our own company, with all of our carts being assembled and strictly quality controlled in our main Riviera Beach location. Our America EV carts are unique vehicles built with the design of certain luxury cars in mind, such as the EV Wagon being based on a luxury SUV, and the E Luxe and E Calibur based on similar luxury cars, while the California Roadster and 39 Roadster are designed around the vintage cars after which they are named. Our website has more information on each of these carts, and you can view our picture gallery for more images of the carts, including ones with custom paint and accessories.

Whichever golf cart you decide to buy, Juno Beach Golf Cart is here to make it simple and keep it affordable. We definitely recommend our golf cart financing if you prefer to pay in installments rather than make a large payment at once; use this link to be taken directly to the application.

Accessory Feature: Advanced EV/Icon® Custom Two-Toned Seats

Juno Beach Golf Cart is not only in the business of renting and selling golf carts, but along with carts, we also sell accessories that can be easily installed! All of our accessories can either be purchased at one of our locations and installed on the premises, or ordered from one of our accessory websites – either our Advanced EV specific website where a selection of our Advanced EV carts can be viewed and also purchased, or our golf cart accessories website that features accessories for all types of golf carts we carry. When you order from one of our websites, most of our accessories are easy to install by yourself, but you can also arrange an appointment – for an additional fee – to bring your golf cart to us for help installing the accessory.

Today we feature our two-toned custom seats for Icon® or Advanced EV golf carts, made with marine grade, hand sewn vinyl, and available in a wide range of different colors that can match the various standard Icon® and Advanced EV golf cart colors.

These are not just your standard replacement slip covers made with thin vinyl. Made in the USA with marine grade vinyl, these are extra thick padded luxury covers with extra foam for added comfort. The material is weather and UV resistant, meaning the color won’t fade from being exposed to the sun and rain. They are replacement seats, not covers, meaning they need to be installed rather than put over the existing seats.

Prices are as follows:

  • $395.00 – Front luxury custom covers for a 2 passenger cart with seats facing forward.
  • $695.00 – Front and rear luxury custom covers for a 4 passenger cart with 2 seats facing forwards and 2 seats facing backwards, or front and middle seats for carts with 4 forward facing seats.
  • $995.00 – Front, middle, and rear luxury custom covers for a 6 passenger cart with 4 seats facing forwards and 2 seats facing backward.

You can purchase your own custom seats on both our websites, Advanced EV and Golf Cart Accessories.

Destination Recommendation: Bal Harbour

Located at the top of the Miami Beach island, Bal Harbour is a small village packed with luxury designer shops, elegant, lavish fine dining restaurants, and a beautiful, scenic white sand beach with jogging, biking, and pet walking trails. We also have a rental location in Bal Harbour; you can visit the website here to learn more! If you’re in the area or planning to visit Bal Harbour or anywhere near the Miami Beach area, consider renting a golf cart by using our Bal Harbour rental reservation form!

destination recommendation: bal harbour

Bal Harbour Shops is probably the most popular attraction specific to Bal Harbour. Located only a few minutes away from the beach, Bal Harbour Shops is a high-end luxury shopping center featuring designer brands Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Saint Laurent, and Balmain. But it isn’t only luxury shops – if you’re interested in something more casual, stop by Books & Books and explore thousands of books! Take a look at their calendar to find out when an author event is coming – it’s a relaxing atmosphere all around!

For the newcomers and visitors, Bal Harbour and areas nearby offer all kinds of activities that aren’t your average, ordinary city tour. If you have a large group, consider renting a 6 passenger golf cart – rates start at $275 for 24 hours -, and taking a party of up to 6 on the private boat tour of Miami Beach, departing from the Miami Beach Marina. With the options of a 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour tour, you can experience an unforgettable day on the water on a 20 foot long Bayliner with Bluetooth sound systems and champagne! You’ll cruise through the intercoastal and get to know the beaches, islands, and sandbar of Biscayne Bay, and observe marine life swimming all around you. You can sunbathe, swim, and even snorkel! Life jackets and other safety equipment are included in the package, along with bottled water, soda, and champagne.

You can also experience an extraordinary, incredible aerial view of the city by taking one of the many private plane or helicopter tours! Most aerial tours over Miami are around 50 minutes, and for couples coming in for a vacation, it’s the perfect romantic adventure. As the sun sets over the beach, you’ll experience a breathtaking, enchanting view of the city that you won’t see anywhere else. For those who prefer to stay on land, take the historic coastal bike adventure along the whole length of the Miami Beach island, learning all about the history and culture of the different areas you see! It’s a 20 mile journey that takes around 3 to 4 hours, with a feeling of community among the group taking the adventure with you. For those travelling or visiting with a group, this is the perfect way to keep the party together.

destination recommendation: bal harbour

If you’re coming to the north area of the Miami Beach area, Bal Harbour is a great place to visit and tour, especially with all the different ways you can sightsee. It’s a great place to take a group, and you can get a free rental quote by filling out our Bal Harbour rental reservation form today!

How to Prepare Your Golf Cart for Long-Term Self-Storage

If you would prefer to store your golf cart on your own property rather than in a storage facility, there are several important steps to take to ensure that your golf cart stays in top condition during the off-season or time it’s not in use. Even when storing your golf cart for long periods of time, there is more to it than simply tucking the cart away in a shed for months at a time. Golf carts still require periodic maintenance when not in use, but following the right guidelines to storing your golf cart will keep it preserved and ready for when it’s time to be brought out again.

Battery Preparation

When preparing your golf cart for storage, you’ll want to first perform some basic battery maintenance. Begin by disconnecting battery cables, and clean any corrosion from the cables and battery by using a mix of baking soda and warm water (or white vinegar and water) – baking soda neutralizes acid corrosion. Fully charge the battery, as batteries will naturally self-discharge when not in use. When disconnecting the battery charger, unplug it from the AC outlet before unplugging it from the cart. Using only distilled water, refill the batteries, making sure the cart has been fully charged. Do not refill the batteries before fully charging your cart, as this can lead to electrolyte overflow.

Turn the key switch off to turn off everything on the cart, and depending on your cart, you’ll have either a Run/Tow switch or a Run/Maintenance switch. Flip this switch to “tow” or “maintenance” in order to reduce battery discharge and fire risks. Finally, disconnect the main positive and negative connections – it’s recommended to tape the connections together in order to not forget where they go.

You’ll want to periodically check in on your charge and water levels – especially in warmer climates, the water levels can slowly decrease due to evaporation, and batteries will self-discharge when left unused for extended periods of time. It’s recommended to return to your cart every 2-4 weeks and check these levels – fully recharge and refill the batteries as needed.

Tire Checks

Before putting the golf cart in storage, you’ll want to inflate your tires as high as possible without over inflating them. When the cart is stationary for long periods of time, the tires naturally deflate from the weight of the cart, possibly causing damage to the tires like flat spots. When checking in on the cart as recommended, inflate the tires every two weeks and move the cart slightly, applying pressure to a different part of the tire.

Another option is storing the golf cart off the ground – raise the cart up onto jack stands, which will take pressure off the tires and ensure that no flat spots will form.

General Cleaning

Even in the best storage, moisture will still be produced. Inspect your cart to make sure there are no rust spots, and if there are, cover them with fresh paint. Rust spots can increase from moisture in the air if left untreated, and any other markings will also worsen with extreme temperatures. Be sure to remove any crumbs that may be on the seats, as they can grow and harbor bacteria in the time the cart is stored, and make sure to clean the flooring and upholstery to prevent any possible molding. Remove any rugs or carpets, cut and polish any scratches, and replace spark plugs if needed. Other things to clean include any dirt or grime, bird or other animal droppings, mirrors, fuel, air, and oil filters, and cables and connectors.


An important tip to remember is to leave the cart in neutral when storing it, and if storing it on the ground, keep it on a level surface and surround the wheels with bricks or other heavy objects to keep it from rolling. Do not keep the parking brake engaged – this can damage the cart.

Most golf carts will fit in a 10×10 enclosed space – placing the golf cart inside is critical and will prevent any damage that could be caused by harsh weather and below freezing or exceedingly high temperatures. A garage is a good option, although it can take up space that may be needed for cars, so storing it in a small shed is another ideal choice.

Even though the cart is inside, always use a protective cover to keep dust and dirt off the cart. If you don’t have a cover specifically for golf carts, a large canvas cloth will suffice – the most important thing is simply making sure the cart is covered.

Even when not in use, your golf cart still needs periodic maintenance, so it’s important to follow these steps to ensure that your golf cart is sufficiently prepared for storage and regularly checked in on, so when it comes time to use it again, it’ll still be in top condition.